Monday, May 13, 2024

The 2024 JKTS Awards: The Reader's Choice Nominations Ballot


The Reader's Choice Nominations Ballot

Time to nominate your favorites in 13 categories!

How to nominate:

1. Scroll through the survey below. You may check up to 3 items in each category. You MUST select at least 1 item for each category.

2. To add your OWN nominees, tap "OTHER" and type in your choice(s). Last year, several write-in nominees made the final ballot. The song categories may need your extra attention!

3. When you are done, be sure to click "VOTE" in the lower right corner to make sure your nominees are sent in.

The nominations will close on May 22nd at Noon Eastern.

NOTE: This survey program is 100% secure. We received no other data than your responses.

Thank you for participating this year! We have the BEST readers!
P.S.: Please share with your fellow theater lovers. The more responses, the better the result!


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