Friday, March 29, 2019

The Friday 5 - More Broadway Jeopardy!

A couple weeks ago, we offered up a Friday 5's worth of Jeopardy! questions, and the response was great! So, here's a new category with 5 Broadway-related questions (plus a Final Jeopardy question, of course!). Good luck and enjoy!

The category is...

(We'll name a Broadway musical, you tell us what it is based on)

My Fair Lady



Hello, Dolly!

The Phantom of the Opera

Time for Final Jeopardy! The category is...


Place your wagers.

His design of a 1972 musical's logo
is possibly more famous than his
scenic design for the same show

(The answers questions will appear at the end of the next Friday 5 blog entry.)


Thursday, March 28, 2019

Welcome to the Theater! The Broadway Debuts of What the Constitution Means to Me

Today we celebrate the entire cast of What the Constitution Means to Me who are making their Broadway debut on Sunday.

Congratulations to everyone making their dreams come true! Here's to great reviews, a terrific run, and many more opening nights.

What the Constitution Means to Me
Opening Night, Sunday, March 31, 2019
Hayes Theatre

Ben Beckley

Rosdely Ciprian

Mike Iveson

Heidi Schreck

Thursday Williams


Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Around The U.S.A. in 80 Musicals: Part II: Southeast

Thank you for embracing our new series Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals! This week, we move down South to the 14 states (and D.C.) that make up the American Southeast. From Maryland down to Florida and over to Louisiana, and covering more than a century, these are both classic and rare musicals. And a few of them played in theaters that no longer exist! Enjoy.

Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals
Part II: The Southeast


Big Fish

The Scottsboro Boys
17. Big Fish - Setting: Alabama (2013, Neil Simon Theatre, 98 performances)
18. The Scottsboro Boys - Setting: Scottsboro, Alabama (2010, Lyceum Theatre, 49 performances)


19. Treemonisha - Setting: A plantation north of the small town of Texarkana (1975, Uris Theatre, 69 performances)


The New York Theatre - Broadway and W. 44th
Home of The Ham Tree
20. The Ham Tree - Setting: Delaware, North Carolina and New York City (1905, The New York Theatre, 90 performances) W.C. Fields starred.


The Yearling
21. The Yearling - Setting: Northern Florida, just after the Civil War (1965, Alvin Theatre, 3 performances)


The Color Purple


22. The Color Purple - Setting: Georgia, 1909-1949 (2005, The Broadway Theatre, 910 performances)
23. Parade - Setting: Atlanta and Marietta, Georgia (1998, Vivian Beaumont Theatre at Lincoln Center, 85 performances)
24. Purlie - Setting: South Georgia, not too long ago (1970, The Broadway Theatre, 688 performances)


Sam H. Harris Theatre
Home of Topsy and Eva
25. Topsy and Eva - Setting: Kentucky and New Orleans (1924, Sam H. Harris Theatre, 159 performances)


Caroline, or Change
26. Caroline, or Change - Setting: Lake Charles, Louisiana (2004, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, 136 performances)




Kiss Me, Kate
27. Cry-Baby - Setting: Baltimore, Maryland, 1954 (2008, Marquis Theatre, 68 performances)
28. Hairspray - Setting: Baltimore, Maryland, 1962 (2002, Neil Simon Theatre, 2,642 performances)
29. Kiss Me, Kate - Setting: Baltimore, Maryland, 1948 (1948, New Century Theatre, 1,077 performances)


 Big River

Show Boat
30. Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn - Setting: The Mississippi River Valley, 1840 (1985, Eugene O'Neill Theatre, 1,005 performances)
31. Show Boat - Setting: Natchez, on the Mississippi River, on the Cotton Blossom (1927, Ziegfeld Theatre, 572 performances)


Bright Star
32. Bright Star - Setting: North Carolina, 1945-1946, and 22 years after (2016, Cort Theatre, 109 performances)


Porgy and Bess
33. Porgy and Bess - Setting: Charleston, SC, 1930s, Catfish Row (1935, Alvin Theatre, 124 performances)



Million Dollar Quartet
34. Memphis - Setting: Memphis, TN, 1950s (2009, Sam S. Shubert Theatre, 1,165 performances)
35. Million Dollar Quartet - Setting: Sun Records, Memphis, December 4, 1956 (2010, Nederlander Theatre, 489 performances)


36. Shenandoah - Setting: The Shenandoah Valley, Civil War (1975, Alvin Theatre, 1,050 performances)


Damn Yankees

Teddy and Alice
37. Damn Yankees - Setting: Washington, D.C., in the future (1955, 46th Street Theatre, 1,019 performances)
38. Teddy and Alice - Setting: Washington, D.C., 1901-1904 (1987, Minskoff Theatre, 77 performances)


The Herald Square Theatre - home of
The Return of Eve
39. The Return of Eve - Setting: Eden, WV (1929, Herald Square Theatre, 29 performances)

Part I: Northeast: HERE

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