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Around The U.S.A. in 80 Musicals: Part I: Northeast

With the success of last year's Around the World in 80 Musicals (and thank you for your support on that!), we are happy to bring you a new series: Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals! Over the next few months, we'll take a look at musicals that take place entirely or in part in each of the 50 states. Well, not quite 50 - there are FOUR states, believe it or not, where we couldn't find a show where they are a locale.

So... without further ado....

Around the U.S.A. in 80 Musicals
Part I: The Northeast


Take Me Along

1. Take Me Along - Setting: Centerville, Connecticut, 1910 (1959, Shubert Theatre, 448 performances)



Too Many Girls with Desi Arnaz

2. Carousel - Setting: Maine, 1873-1888 (1945, Majestic Theatre, 890 performances)
3. Too Many Girls - Setting: Skohegan, Maine (1939, Imperial Theatre, 249 performances)


Legally Blonde

Little Women

4. Legally Blonde - Setting: Harvard University, Cambridge, MA (2007, Palace Theatre, 595 performances)
5. Little Women - Setting: Concord, MA, 1863-1867 (2005, Virginia Theatre, 137 performances)


Baby It's You!

Gettin' the Band Back Together

High Button Shoes

6. Baby It's You! - Setting: Passaic, New Jersey (2011, Broadhurst Theatre, 148 performances)
7. Gettin' the Band Back Together - Setting: Sayreville, New Jersey (2018, Belasco Theatre, 40 performances)
8. High Button Shoes - Setting: New Brunswick and Atlantic City, New Jersey (1947, New Century Theatre, 727 performances)


Hello, Dolly!

On the Town

The Full Monty

West Side Story

9. Hello, Dolly! - Setting: New York City, Yonkers, NY (1964, St. James Theatre, 2,844 performances)
10. On the Town - Setting: 1944, wartime New York City (1944, Adelphi Theatre, 462 performances)
11. The Full Monty - Setting: Buffalo, NY (2000, Eugene O'Neill Theater, 770 performances)
12. West Side Story - Setting: Summer 1957, Hell's Kitchen, New York City (1957, Winter Garden Theatre, 732 performances)


Fun Home

Groundhog Day

13. Fun Home - Setting: Beech Creek, PA (2015, Circle in the Square Theatre, 583 performances)
14. Groundhog Day - Setting: Punxsutawney, PA (2017, August Wilson Theatre, 176, performances)


Lady Be Good!
15. Lady Be Good! - Setting: Beacon Hill, RI (1924, Liberty Theatre, 330 performances)


Haverly's 14th Street Theatre, 107 W. 14th Street

Related image
Haverly's 14th Street Theatre sat 1,100 
16. Running for Office - Setting: Tigersville, VT (1903, Haverly's 14th Street Theatre, 48 performances)

Interesting note: Running for Office was written by and starred George M. Cohan; his whole family was in the show!


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