Friday, May 26, 2023

Broadway Jeopardy - Game 5

Broadway Jeopardy! 

It's game time again, Broadway fans! This. Is. Jeopardy!: one Jeopardy round, one Double Jeopardy round, and Final Jeopardy, plus two (not so hidden) Daily Doubles. Good luck!

Today's Jeopardy round category is "B" Is For Broadway. We'll describe the Broadway stuff, you provide the "B" words. Get those signalling devices ready... and go!

"B" Is For Broadway

It's Webber's latest Broadway show

Great Scott! This musical debuts on Broadway this summer.

Home to both Sunday in the Park with George and Kimberly Akimbo

Musical about an American circus owner

First names only! They composed both Chess and Mamma Mia!

Now it's time for Double Jeopardy! Dollar values are doubled. Today's category is Stage Duos. We'll describe a pair, you name them. Grab those signalling devices! Good luck!
Stage Duos

Shakespeare's star-crossed lovers

Throats are slit, pies are baked

The pair behind Dear Evan Hansen

One man, two personalities - one horror musical

The rock stars behind the score of Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark

And now, Final Jeopardy! Carefully calculate your wagers, based on your knowledge of today's category: Jukebox Musicals.

Jukebox Musicals
This Nobel Laureate's music has been featured
in two very different jukebox musicals

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