Monday, May 8, 2023

The 2023 JKTS Awards: and the Nominees Are...

Over the past two weeks, you've been nominating your Broadway favorites in a variety of categories not covered by The Tony Awards. Well, the hundreds of nominations have been tabulated, and it's pretty terrific to say that only one musical production was completely left out. Further, every single one of our suggested choices received multiple votes, all ten categories also had write-in nominees, and a few of your write-ins made it to the final ballot! I think all of that speaks to the wide variety of high-quality productions this season.

The voting for this year's awards will begin next Monday, May 15th!

So... without further ado, here are your nominees:

The 2023 JKTS Awards:
The Nominations!

Outstanding Broadway Debut:
Justin Cooley - Kimberly Akimbo
Caroline Innerbichler - Shucked
Kennedy Kanagawa - Into the Woods
Melanie La Barrie - & Juliet
Julia Lester - Into the Woods
Casey Likes - Almost Famous
Solea Pfeiffer - Almost Famous
Luna - KPOP
Ben Jackson Walker - & Juliet 
Chris Wood - Almost Famous

Outstanding Ensemblist:
Jimmy Brewer - Shucked
Bobby "Pocket" Horner - & Juliet
Kolton Krouse - Bob Fosse's Dancin'
Raymond J. Lee - Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street
J. Savage - Bad Cinderella

Outstanding Special Ensemble Group:
The Players - & Juliet
Stillwater - Almost Famous
The Hunks - Bad Cinderella
The Show Choir - Kimberly Akimbo

Outstanding Onstage Pair:
May and Francois - & Juliet
William Miller and Penny Lane - Almost Famous
Arthur and Guenevere - Camelot
Kimberly and Seth - Kimberly Akimbo
Leo and Lucille Frank - Parade

Outstanding New Broadway Song:
"Everybody's Coming Together" - Almost Famous
"Morocco" - Almost Famous
"Better" - Kimberly Akimbo
"Great Adventure" - Kimberly Akimbo
"Independently Owned" - Shucked

Outstanding Solo Number:
"No Friends" - Casey Likes - Almost Famous
"Better" - Bonnie Milligan - Kimberly Akimbo
"Super Star" - Luna - KPOP
"Music, Money, Love" - Colton Ryan - New York, New York
"Independently Owned" - Alex Newell - Shucked

Outstanding Duet:
"I Know You" - Grace McLean and Carolee Carmello - Bad Cinderella
"I Am, I Said" - Will Swensen and Mark Jacoby - A Beautiful Noise
"It Takes Two" - Sara Bareilles and Brian d'Arcy James - Into the Woods
"This Is Not Over Yet" - Ben Platt and Micaela Diamond - Parade
"Friends" - Caroline Innerbichler and Alex Newell - Shucked

Outstanding Production Number:
"Roar" - & Juliet
"Fever Dog Bows" - Almost Famous
"How to Wash a Check" - Kimberly Akimbo
"Blast Off!" - KPOP
"Some Like It Hot" - Some Like it Hot

Outstanding Staged Curtain Call:
& Juliet
Almost Famous
Bad Cinderella
Bob Fosse's Dancin'

Outstanding Projections:
Andrezj Goulding - & Juliet
Derek McLane - Almost Famous
59 Productions - Camelot
Peter Nigrini - KPOP
Sven Ortel - Parade

Outstanding Social Media Presence:
& Juliet
Into the Woods
Kimberly Akimbo
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

You may have noticed that there are now 11 categories. We decided to split the Solos and Duets into separate categories due to the overwhelming number of votes.

Nomination totals:
Almost Famous - 11
& Juliet - 9
Kimberly Akimbo - 8
KPOP - 6
Shucked - 6
Bad Cinderella - 4
Into the Woods - 4
Parade - 3
Bob Fosse's Dancin' - 2
Camelot - 2
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street - 2
A Beautiful Noise - 1
New York, New York - 1
Some Like It Hot - 1

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