Thursday, June 13, 2024

The 2024 JKTS Reader's Choice Awards!

After nearly 500 votes, one show rose to the top and was clearly your overall favorite of the season. That's what the final results show, but that doesn't mean the other shows weren't in the running. In fact, every single nominee received at least 15% of the vote, and the voting was so close that two categories had a tie!

Throughout the nomination process and the final voting, we were in awe of our readers' commitment to excellence, and in recognizing that, despite rumors to the contrary, this season was really high quality, onstage and behind the scenes.

Now, here are your results, and a final tally of all awards per show at the end!

Kimberly Akimbo
  • WINNER! Gone Too Soon Award

Sweeney Todd
  • WINNER! Outstanding Replacement Performance - Joe Locke

The Notebook
  • WINNER! Outstanding Specialized Merchandise 

Hell's Kitchen
  • WINNER! Outstanding Debut - Female - Maleah Joi Moon

Back to the Future
  • WINNER! Outstanding Projections - Finn Ross

The Outsiders
  • WINNER! Outstanding Debut - Male - Brody Grant
  • WINNER! Outstanding Ensemble Group - The Greasers

Water For Elephants
  • WINNER! Outstanding Broadway Musical Logo
  • WINNER! Outstanding Projections - David Bengali
  • WINNER! Outstanding Villain - August (Paul Alexander Nolan)
  • WINNER! Outstanding Onstage Pair - Jacob & Marlena (Grant Gustin & Isabelle McCalla)
  • WINNER! Outstanding Production Number - "The Road Don't Make You Young"
  • WINNER! Outstanding Solo Number - "Easy" sung by Isabelle McCalla
  • WINNER! Outstanding Duet - "Wild" sung by Grant Gustin & Isabelle McCalla
  • WINNER! Outstanding New Broadway Song - "Wild" sung by Grant Gustin & Isabelle McCalla
  • WINNER! Outstanding Debut - Male - Grant Gustin

Final Tally By Show - Editor & Reader Awards Combined
Full details on the Editor's Choice winners HERE

Water For Elephants - 16                          Illinoise - 9
The Notebook - 8                                      The Outsiders - 7
Days of Wine and Roses - 6                    Back to the Future - 5
Appropriate - 4                                          Suffs - 4
Lempicka - 2                                              Purlie Victorious - 2
Hell's Kitchen - 1                                       Here Lies Love - 1
Kimberly Akimbo - 1                                 Stereophonic - 1
Sweeney Todd - 1                                     The Heart of Rock and Roll - 1

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