Friday, April 21, 2023

Broadway Jeopardy - Game 4

Broadway Jeopardy! 

It's game time again, Broadway fans! This. Is. Jeopardy!: one Jeopardy round, one Double Jeopardy round, and Final Jeopardy, plus two (not so hidden) Daily Doubles. Good luck!

Today's Jeopardy round category is One Word Musical Titles. We'll describe the show's plot, you name the title of the work. Get those signalling devices ready... and go!

One Word Musical Titles

Cute girl and her dog escape orphanage and move into a mansion

Gang member meets good girl over summer nights

Baltimore girl changes the world with big dance moves and bigger hair

 Beautiful girls and a Broadway Baby have a reunion

Guy falls slowly for Girl

Now it's time for Double Jeopardy! Dollar values are doubled. Today's category is Subject Matter. We'll describe a show, you name the title of the work. Grab those signalling devices! Good luck!
Subject Matter

Milkman's daughters defy his closely held traditions

Musicians arrive in the wrong town & spend the night

Baseball team gets a little help from the Devil himself

Hookers (and their pimps) deserve respect and understanding

Unemployed steel workers bare it all

And now, Final Jeopardy! Carefully calculate your wagers, based on your knowledge of today's category: Celebrity Replacements.

Celebrity Replacements

Emma Stone and Jennifer Jason Leigh both replaced the original stars who played this role in Cabaret

The Answers to Game 4 are below!
Jeopardy Round 1 - One Word Musical Titles:
$200: What is Annie?
$400: What is Grease?
$600: What is Hairspray?
Daily Double: What is Follies?
$1000: What is Once?

Double Jeopardy Round 2 - Subject Matter
$400: What is Fiddler on the Roof?
Daily Double: What is The Band's Visit?
$1200: What is Damn Yankees?
$1600: What is The Life?
$2000: What is The Full Monty?

FINAL Jeopardy: Celebrity Replacements
Who is Sally Bowles?

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