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40 Years of Broadway: 1993-2003: Favorite Songs and Scores

40 Years of Broadway: 1993-2003:
Favorite Songs & Scores

Continuing with that second decade (August 20, 1993 - August 19, 2003), I've been thinking of my favorite songs and scores from that decade. There's been some really great stuff from then - trend-setters, hidden gems from flops, now-classics - and, of course, some real clunkers. This decade includes scores from Cyrano: The Musical (November 21, 1993) through Avenue Q (July 31, 2003). What I've learned from going back is that my tastes have changed and that I've come to appreciate much more music as I've grown.

Favorite Songs (1993-2003):
If I was going to make a playlist of songs from cast recordings without playing the whole thing, these are the songs that would be on it.

Music and Lyrics:
Jeff Marx and Robert Lopez
Favorite Opening Number: "The Avenue Q Theme"
Favorite Ballad: "It's a Fine, Fine Line"

Music and Lyrics:
Carol Hall
Favorite Duet: "It's Been A While"
Favorite Production Number: "Call Me"

David Shire Lyrics: Richard Maltby, Jr.
Favorite Opening Number: "Can't Wait"
Favorite Ballad: "Stop, Time"

Frank Wildhorn  Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse
Favorite Production Numbers: "Facade" & "Murder, Murder"
Favorite Ballad: "Someone Like You"

Music and Lyrics:
Stephen Sondheim
Favorite Opening Number: "Happiness"
Favorite Group Numbers: "Soldiers' Gossip" & "Finale"
Favorite Ballad: "Loving You"

Stephen Flaherty  Lyrics: Lynn Aherns
Favorite Opening Number: "Oh! The Thinks You Can Think"
Favorite Ballad: "Alone in the Universe"

John Kander  Lyrics: Fred Ebb
Favorite Production Numbers: "Everybody Dance" & "Steel Pier"
Favorite Solo Number: "Everybody's Girl"

Paul Simon  Lyrics: Paul Simon & Derek Walcott
Favorite Group Number: "Satin Summer Nights"

Frank Wildhorn  Lyrics: Jack Murphy
Favorite Production Number: "By the Sword/Sons of Dixie"
Favorite Finale: "The Glory"

Cy Coleman  Lyrics: Ira Gasman
Favorite Solo Number: "The Oldest Profession"
Favorite Group Numbers: "Why Don't They Leave Us Alone?" & "Someday Is For Suckers"

Elton John  Lyrics: Tim Rice
Favorite Opening Number: "The Circle of Life"
Favorite Solo Number: "He Lives in You"

Frank Wildhorn  Lyrics: Nan Knighton
Favorite Opening Number: "Madame Guillotine"
Favorite Duet: "Believe"
Favorite Group Number: "The Riddle"

Jeffrey Stock  Lyrics: Susan Birkenhead
Favorite Ballad: "Serenity"

Mark Hollman  Lyrics: Mark Hollman & Greg Kotis
Favorite Group Numbers: "Don't Be the Bunny" & "The Cop Song"
Favorite Production Number: "Run, Freedom, Run"

Henry Mancini  Lyrics: Leslie Bricusse
Favorite Production Number: "Le Jazz Hot"
Favorite Finale: "Victor/Victoria"

10 Favorite Complete Scores^ (1993 - 2003):
These are scores that contain few or no "skips" from me. These are also scores that to this day I still listen to with regularity. All the way through...

^ - I have not included scores from revues (A Grand Night For Singing, for example) or catalog musicals (Fosse, for example), though I enjoy them very much.

Alan Menken  Lyrics: Howard Ashman & Tim Rice
Favorite Group Numbers: "Belle," "Something There" & "Human Again"

Music and Lyrics:
Edward Kleban
Favorite Group Numbers: "Under Separate Cover," "Gauguin's Shoes" & "Better"

Music and Lyrics:
David Yazbek
Favorite Group Number: "Scrap"
Favorite Ballad: "Breeze Off the River"
Favorite Solo Number: "Life With Harold"

Marc Shaiman  Lyrics: Scott Wittman & Marc Shaiman
Favorite Opening Number: "Good Morning Baltimore"
Favorite Quartet: "Without Love"
Favorite Finale: "You Can't Stop the Beat"

Stephen Flaherty  Lyrics: Lynn Ahrens
Favorite Opening Number: "Ragtime"
Favorite Group Number: "Journey On"
Favorite Ballad: "Back to Before"

Music and Lyrics:
Jonathan Larson
Favorite Duets: "Light My Candle" & "Without You"
Favorite Group Numbers: "Santa Fe" & "Will I?"

Henry Krieger  Lyrics: Bill Russell
Favorite Opening Number: "Come Look at the Freaks"
Favorite Production Number: "Tunnel of Love"
Favorite Duet: "I Will Never Leave You"

Andrew Lloyd Webber  Lyrics: Don Black & Christopher Hampton
Favorite Production Number: "Let's Have Lunch"
Favorite Solo Numbers: "Sunset Boulevard" & "As If We Never Said Goodbye"

Music and Lyrics:
Maury Yeston
Favorite Production Number: "There She Is/Godspeed, Titanic"
Favorite Group Numbers: "No Moon/Autumn" & "Dressed In Your Pyjamas In the Grand Salon"
Favorite Duet: "Still"

Music and Lyrics:
Michael John LaChiusa
Favorite Opening Number: "Queenie Was a Blonde"
Favorite Duet: "People Like Us"
Favorite Solo Number: "When It Ends"

Contest Question #5:
How many of the shows listed above (under Songs AND Full Scores) are based on a previously released film?

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