Friday, September 1, 2023

Looking Forward to Autumn: September - November 2023

Autumn is my favorite time of year, especially in New York. The weather is nice and the theater season is ramping up. This year is no different, with half a dozen shows on our immediate radar, and another pair left over from the summer. (To be honest, I'm pretty sure there will be some of these that we won't get to until this winter.)

As we always do, before we look forward, we look back. During the summer, we saw four productions that really ran the gamut, not only in style, but in quality as well. They were: The Light in the Piazza (A+), off-Broadway, Parade (A+), New York, New York (C), Once Upon a One More Time (F), on Broadway, and most recently, The Play That Goes Wrong (C-) at the Kennedy Center. That's a C+ average, one of the lowest in some time. Still, I am optimistic that the fall will include an upswing in quality!

Looking Forward to Autumn: 
September - November 2023

Left Over From Summer:

Back to the Future
(Winter Garden Theatre)
Great Scott! Casey Likes and Roger Bart are reason enough to put this one on our list. And while we are growing weary of film to stage musicals like most of you, this title is one of my all-time favorite films (I'm a Gen-Xer, after all), and I'm excited to see just how they do it.

Here Lies Love
(Broadway Theatre)
We loved this when we saw it at the Public a few years ago, and we are looking forward to see it in this new environment, along with seeing some great original cast members and exciting new ones! Controversy aside, I'm excited to revisit this one!


Swept Away
(Washington, DC - Arena Stage)
Even if the talent attached to the project wasn't as phenomenal as it is, I'd still be intrigued by the subject matter - how four people survive a catastrophic ship wreck, based on a true story. But with a book by Jonathan Logan (Moulin Rouge!) and direction by Michael Mayer (Head Over Heels, American Idiot), and a cast that reunites Tony-winner John Gallagher, Jr. and Tony nominee Stark Sands, both from American Idiot, seeing this is a no-brainer.


Gutenberg! The Musical
(James Earl Jones Theatre)
I know almost nothing about this one, other than Andrew Rannells and Josh Gad are the stars, Alex Timbers is directing, and it has something to do with the guy who invented the printing press. There are worse ideas out there, right?

(Ethel Barrymore Theatre)
I'm almost afraid I'll jinx this by putting it on the list. It has been on again, off again for years. I hope it happens because I'm looking forward to hearing what kind of score Barry Manilow has come up with, and I am very interested in the subject matter.

How to Dance in Ohio
(Belasco Theatre)
This is the show that intrigues me the most this fall. This is one I've only recently heard of, and what I've heard is positive. I find the whole autism spectrum to be very interesting, and hope to learn a lot about this sensitive subject in researching it and from the show. And I trust director Sammi Cannold will handle it well.

Merrily We Roll Along
(Hudson Theatre)
The Sondheim enigma show. Groff. Radcliffe. Mendez. How could we not?


The Gardens of Anuncia
 (Mitzi E. Newhouse Theatre)
Michael John LaChiusa is one of my favorite composers, and his subject matter, Graciela Daniele has been a favorite director-choreographer of mine for decades. With a cast that includes Andrea Burns, Priscilla Lopez, Eden Espinoza, Mary Testa and Tally Sessions to tell her story, this new show looks like it will elevate the bio-musical to a new level.

Here We Are
 (The Shed)
The final Sondheim musical. Ever. Are we interested? Duh.


  1. No the notebook. It is fantastic and a front runner for the tony

  2. I agree! I'm really looking forward to The Notebook, too. It will appear in the winter edition of this article as it begins previews in February. Thanks for writing!


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