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40 Years of Broadway: 2003-2013: Favorite Songs and Scores

40 Years of Broadway: 2003-2013:
Favorite Songs & Scores

Continuing with that third decade (August 20, 2003 - August 19, 2013), I've been thinking of my favorite songs and scores from that decade. There's been some really great stuff from then - trend-setters, hidden gems from flops, now-classics - and, of course, some real clunkers. This decade includes scores from Wicked (October 30, 2003) through Soul Doctor (August 15, 2013). What I've learned from going back is that my tastes have changed and that I've come to appreciate much more music as I've grown.

Favorite Songs (2003-2013):
If I was going to make a playlist of songs from cast recordings without playing the whole thing, these are the songs that would be on it.

Music and Lyrics:
Dolly Parton
Favorite Group Number: "Shine Like the Sun"
Favorite Solo Number: "Get Out and Stay Out"

Elton John   Lyrics: Lee Hall
Favorite Group Number: "Solidarity"
Favorite Solo Number: "Electricity"

Marc Shaiman   Lyrics: Scott Wittman & Marc Shaiman
Favorite Opening Number: "Live In Living Color"
Favorite Ballad: "Good-bye"

Music and Lyrics:
Christopher Curtis
Favorite Group Number: "What'cha Gonna Do?"
Favorite Solo Number: "All Falls Down"

Dave Stewart and Glen Ballard   Lyrics: Dave Stewart, Glen Ballard and Bruce Joel Rubin
Favorite Ballad: "With You"
Favorite Group Number: "Rain/Hold On"

Scott Frankel   Lyrics: Michael Korie
Favorite Group Number: "The Five-Fifteen"
Favorite Solo Number: "The Revolutionary Outfit For Today"

Music and Lyrics:
Cyndi Lauper
Favorite Group Number: "Sex Is in the Heel"
Favorite Group Number: "Everybody Say Yeah"

Alan Menken   Lyrics: Jack Feldman
Favorite Group Number: "Seize the Day"
Favorite Ballad: "Santa Fe"

Music and Lyrics:
Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova
Favorite Duet: "Falling Slowly"
Favorite Solo Number: "The Hill

Music and Lyrics:
Glen Morrison and Lisa Lambert
Favorite Solo Number: "As We Stumble Along"
Favorite Group Number: "Show Off"

Music and Lyrics:
Adam Guettel
Favorite Solo Number: "The Beauty Is"
Favorite Solo Number: "Fable"

Music and Lyrics:
Neil Bertram
Favorite Duet: "The Greatest Gift"
Favorite Solo Number: "The Butterfly"

Matthew Sklar   Lyrics: Chad Beguelin
Favorite Opening Number: "It's Your Wedding Day"
Favorite Group Number: "Pop"

Music and Lyrics:
Jeff Bowen
Favorite Duet: "Two Nobodies in New York"
Favorite Group Number: "Nine Peoples' Favorite Thing"

Music and Lyrics:
Stephen Schwartz
Favorite Solo Number: "Popular"
Favorite Duet: "For Good"

10 Favorite Complete Scores^ (2003 - 2013):
These are scores that contain few or no "skips" from me. These are also scores that to this day I still listen to with regularity. All the way through...

^ - I have not included scores from revues (Sondheim On Sondheim, for example) or catalog musicals (Jersey Boys, for example), though I enjoy them very much.

Frank Wildhorn   Lyrics: Don Black
Favorite Solo Numbers: "How 'bout a Dance?", "Dyin' Ain't So Bad"
Favorite Duet: "This World Will Remember Us"


Music and Lyrics:
Lin Manuel-Miranda
Favorite Opening Number: "In the Heights"
Favorite Ballad: "Breathe"
Favorite Group Number: "96,000"

Music and Lyrics:
Laurence O'Keefe and Nell Benjamin
Favorite Opening Number: "Omigod You Guys"
Favorite Group Number: "So Much Better"

Jason Howland   Lyrics: Mindi Dickstein
Favorite Group Number: "Our Finest Dreams"
Favorite Solo Number: "Take a Chance On Me"
Favorite Duet: "Some Things Are Meant to Be"

Music and Lyrics:
Tim Minchin
Favorite Solo Number: "Naughty"
Favorite Group Number: "When I Grow Up"
Favorite Finale: "Revolting Children"

Tom Kitt   Lyrics: Brian Yorkey
Favorite Ballad: "I Miss the Mountains"
Favorite Duet: "Superboy and the Invisible Girl"
Favorite Group Number: "Make Up Your Mind/Catch Me I'm Falling"

Duncan Sheik   Lyrics: Steven Sater
Favorite Group Numbers: "The Bitch of Living", "My Junk"
Favorite Finale: "The Song of Purple Summer"

Music and Lyrics:
Phil Collins
Favorite Opening Number: "Two Worlds"
Favorite Group Number: "Waiting For This Moment"
Favorite Solo Number: "Different"

Music and Lyrics:
John Kander and Fred Ebb
Favorite Group Numbers: "Commencing in Chattanooga", "Hey! Hey! Hey!"
Favorite Solo Number: "Nothin'"

Music and Lyrics:
David Yazbek
Favorite Solo Number: "Model Behavior"
Favorite Group Numbers: "On the Verge", "Tangled"

Contest Question #8:
How many of the shows on the lists above won the Tony Award for Best Musical?

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