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40 Years of Broadway: 2013-2023: Favorite Songs and Scores

40 Years of Broadway: 2013-2023:
Favorite Songs & Scores

Continuing with that third decade (August 20, 2013 - August 19, 2023), I've been thinking of my favorite songs and scores from that decade. There's been some really great stuff from then - trend-setters, hidden gems from flops, now-classics - and, of course, some real clunkers. This decade includes scores from Big Fish (October 6, 2013) through Back to the Future: The Musical (August 3, 2023). What I've learned from going back is that my tastes have changed and that I've come to appreciate much more music as I've grown.

Favorite Songs (2013-2023):

If I was going to make a playlist of songs from cast recordings without playing the whole thing, these are the songs that would be on it. 

Music: Daniel Messé   Lyrics: Nathan Tysen and Daniel Mess
Favorite Opening Number: "Times Are Hard For Dreamers (Prologue)" 
Favorite Solo Number: "When the Booth Goes Bright" 

Music and 
Lyrics: Duncan Sheik
Favorite Group Numbers: "Selling Out" and "Cards"

 Andrew Lloyd Webber   Lyrics: David Zippel
Favorite Group Number: "Man's Man" 
Favorite Duet: "I Know You"

Music and 
Lyrics: Benj Pasek & Justin Paul
Favorite Group Numbers: "You Will Be Found" and "Waving Through a Window"

Music and 
Lyrics: Gary Barlow & Eliot Kennedy
Favorite Production Number: "We Own the Night"
Favorite Duet: "When Your Feet Don't Touch the Ground"

 Tom Kitt   
Lyrics: Brian Yorkey
Favorite Group Number: "No More Wasted Time"
Favorite Solo Number: "You Learn to Live Without"

Music and 
Lyrics: Helen Park & Max Vernon
Favorite Group Number: "Amerika (Checkmate)"
Favorite Finale: "Blast Off"

: Jeff Richmond   
Lyrics: Nell Benjamin
Favorite Group Number: "I'd Rather Be Me"
Favorite Finale: "I See Stars"

Music and 
Lyrics: Dave Malloy
Favorite Production Number: "Letters"
Favorite Solo Number: "Sonya Alone"

: Jason Howland   
Lyrics: Nathan Tysen & Masi Asare
Favorite Opening Number: "Paradise Square"
Favorite Solo Number: "Let It Burn"

: Marc Shaiman   
Lyrics: Marc Shaiman & Scott Wittman
Favorite Production Number: "Some Like It Hot"
Favorite Solo Number: "A Darker Shade of Blue"

Music and 
Lyrics: Wayne & Karey Kirkpatrick
Favorite Opening Number: "Welcome to the Renaissance"
Favorite Production Number: "A Musical"

Music and 
Lyrics: Sting
Favorite Group Number: "Show Some Respect"
Favorite Duet: "The Night the Pugilist Learned to Dance"

: John Kander   
Lyrics: Fred Ebb
Favorite Production Number: "Yellow Shoes"
Favorite Solo Number: "Love and Love Alone"

Music and 
Lyrics: Sara Bareilles
Favorite Opening Number: "What's Inside/Opening Up"
Favorite Solo Number: "She Used to Be Mine"

10 Favorite Complete Scores^ (2003 - 2013):

These are scores that contain few or no "skips" from me. These are also scores that to this day I still listen to with regularity. All the way through...

^ - I have not included scores from catalog musicals (Jagged Little Pill, for example), though I enjoy them very much.

Music: Tom Kitt   Lyrics: Cameron Crowe & Tom Kitt
Favorite Opening Number: "1973"
Favorite Group Number: "Everybody's Coming Together"
Favorite Duet: "Morocco"

Music and 
Lyrics: Irene Sankoff & David Hein
Favorite Opening Number: "Welcome to the Rock"
Favorite Group Number: "Me and the Sky"
Favorite Group Number: "Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere"

 Jeanine Tesori   
Lyrics: Lisa Kron
Favorite Solo Number: "Changing My Major"
Favorite Solo Number: "Ring of Keys"
Favorite Duet: "Telephone Wire"

Music and 
Lyrics: Anaïs Mitchell
Favorite Solo Number: "Our Lady of the Underground"
Favorite Group Number: "Wait For Me"
Favorite Group Number: "Why We Build the Wall"  

 Imogen Heap  

 Jeanine Tesori   
Lyrics: David Lindsay-Abaire
Favorite Group Number: "Anagram"
Favorite Group Number: "Better"
Favorite Finale: "Great Adventure"

Music and 
Lyrics: Brandy Clark & Shane McAnally
Favorite Opening Number: "Corn"
Favorite Solo Number: "Somebody Will"
Favorite Solo Number: "Independently Owned"

Music and 
Lyrics: David Yazbek
Favorite Opening Number: "Waiting/Welcome to Nowhere"
Favorite Solo Number: "Omar Sharif"
Favorite Finale: "Answer Me"

Music and 
Lyrics: Jason Robert Brown
Favorite Opening Number: "To Build a Home"
Favorite Duet: "Before and After You/One Second and a Million Miles"
Favorite Finale: "Always Better"

 Matthew Sklar   
Lyrics: Chad Beguelin
Favorite Group Number: "Tonight Belongs to You"
Favorite Duet Number: "Zazz"
Favorite Solo Number: "The Lady's Improving"

Contest Question #12:
How many of our 10 Favorite Complete Scores above represent the composers' first Broadway score?

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