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2023 -2024 Broadway Musical Logos: Suffs and Hell's Kitchen

Two of the last shows of the season are the subject of today's show art analysis. Though both started life off-Broadway at the Public Theater, on paper, they couldn't be any more different. One is a "from scratch" show full of historic heroines, starring the book writer/composer. The other is loosely based on the life of the singer/songwriter of the 90s-set jukebox musical. But they are alike in a very important way: they are both all about the power and empowerment of women. So are the logos as different as their subjects, while celebrating their common themes? And are they successful? The answer is a resounding "yes!"

2023 - 2024 Broadway Musical Logos:
Suffs & Hell's Kitchen


Suffs, of course, refers to the suffragettes, who changed American history, through their movement to gain the right to vote. The key art reflects that significance in an elegant way. The rich textured purple is regal and elegant...strong.

The simple, bold font, is also elegant in white with gold doubling. But it stands out in all the right ways. The final "s" has "the musical" on its gold "sash," and is particularly effective as a subtle not to the female figure. The sash drapes on the letter as it would have on a suff.

The full key art only improves the already wonderful title. The taglines say a lot, and sets up an urgency and conflict, and tells you right off that there will be female power here. I also think the way the Suffs themselves are perfectly rendered. You see their 19th century garb - their boots and skirts, feminine and strong, but the rest of them are seen in shadow silhouette, advancing. It's really quite good.

Grade: A+

Hell's Kitchen

The first thing I noticed when the Broadway Logo was revealed was the vibrancy of the colors. A rich, bright yellow with some orange, balanced with darker reds, oranges, and blues of the Manhattan skyline - including the World Trade Center - of the 1990s. The bright blue of the title uses a font that suggests spray painted like so many areas of the time (while not ripping off Rent).

The full logo, though, really reveals the power of the story - a young woman stands tall over the city, atop a piano, styled to blend in with the skyline. She, the music and the city are inextricably linked, each a foundation of the other. This logo is among my favorites of the season.

Grade: A+

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