Friday, September 10, 2021

Broadway Games: Broadway Jobs Report

Broadway Games:
Broadway Jobs Report

Match the character with their occupation.

a. back up player        b. steel worker        

c. barber        d. sales clerk        e. innkeeper

f. director/choreographer        g. cookbook author

h. mail room clerk        i. beautiful princess        j. cab driver

1. Rosie from Mamma Mia!

2. J. Pierrepont Finch from How to Succeed...

3. Jerry Lukowski from The Full Monty

4. Zach from A Chorus Line

5. Hildy from On the Town

6. Thenardier from Les Miserables

7. Florence from Chess

8. Amalia Balash from She Loves Me

9. Pamela from Head Over Heels

10. Benjamin Barker from Sweeney Todd


Answers to Last Week's Broadway Game:
Broadway Games: ABBA Returns!

Below are 20 songs by Benny and Bjorn of ABBA. Which 10 are NOT from Mamma Mia? Those 10 answers are in orange.

NOTE: If you tried the game early last Friday, the directions were "Below are 20 songs by Benny and Bjorn of ABBA. Which 10 are NOT from one of their musicals?," but there were only 7 correct answers. I forgot to change the directions. Sorry for the error. Those 7 answers are in orange AND underlined.

Summer Night City        Knowing Me, Knowing You        Under Attack

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie         Money, Money, Money        Ring Ring

Voulez Vous        Someone Else's Story        I Know Him So Well

Does Your Mother Know        The Day Before You Came

Two For the Price of One            One Night in Bangkok        Super Trouper

Our Last Summer         Lay All Your Love on Me        Angel Eyes

Fernando        Kisses of Fire        Thank You For the Music

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