Monday, July 3, 2023

2023 - 2024 Broadway Musical Logos: Here Lies Love

The second musical of this very new season has begun previews on Broadway at the Broadway Theater! What better time then to take a closer look at its show art?

2023 - 2024 Broadway Musical Logos:
Here Lies Love

Having seen this show a few years ago at the Public, I can already say that the current logo really does capture the essence of the production, and the color pallet this time around is a welcome upgrade from previous iterations. (You may have noticed that when I highlight things in our articles I often use a similar red, orange, yellow and purple combination frequently.) When you see how it all works together on the marquee, it really works! Somehow, it is a warm and inviting and gloriously disco dance party all at once.

Font-wise, these bubble letters that remind one of neon tubes fairly scream 70's-80's entertainment. They are simple, easy to read letters, and yet complicated enough to hold your gaze in those precious seconds where how key art is seen equals a purchase decision. Wisely, the powers that be recognize that, depending on the form and format of how the key art is arranged/used, color matters. 

The centerpiece of this key art, the mirror ball, signals a couple important things: era: disco, genre: dance party. And importantly, this is a musical. As far as the actual content, the entirety of the image reveals nothing about the subject matter. All you know is that it's a fun time period, and a musical whose title includes the word "love" sounds like a good time. Smart.

Let's be honest, David Byrne and Fat Boy Slim are likely more of a draw than the subject matter of Here Lies Love. Remember how I said, "the entirety of the image reveals nothing about the subject matter?" Well, that's not really true. For the savvy Broadway theater-goer who researches the shows they see, there's some pretty cool nods to the Philippines - locale of the show - cleverly hidden in plain sight. The national flag of the island nation includes an 8 beam sun and 3 gold stars in a triangle formation. Note that there are 8 beams of light emanating from the disco ball and three golden spots of light forming a triangle around that ball. 

And then there's the tagline: "The Revolutionary Musical Experience." What a great play on words! "Revolutionary" implies new, exciting, different. All great things for a show. It also implies an overthrow of a government, which the show is definitely about. The show is definitely one you experience - you are part of it. The tagline is one that lures you in and gives you an "in the know" smarts after you see it.

In short, this logo is pretty brilliant. It is vibrant and fun - it will look great on posters, magnets and t-shirts. And it is super intelligent.

If it only didn't look like a Corona virus model... 😉  Grade: A

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