Friday, July 21, 2023

Broadway Games: Characters!

Broadway Games: Characters!

Below are pictures of characters from Broadway musicals from their show's logos, Playbills, or window cards. For each, name the character (not the actor) as fully as you can, and the show they are in. Some show more than one character, so try to name them all!

1 point for the character's first name, 1 point for the character's last name (if there is a known last name), and 1 point for the show title. Good luck!!


1 point: Annie

1 point: Warbucks

1 point: Annie

1.   2. 
3.    4.    5. 
6.    7. 
 8.     9.

 10.     11. 

 12.     13. 

14.    15. 



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