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Broadway Crossword by Blog #5: Original vs Revival: Clue Set # 1

Writing about the 2002 revival of Into the Woods, and contemplating the two musical revivals that are coming up this season, How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying and Anything Goes, along with lamenting missing the revival of La Bete has revivals on my mind.  So I thought, "What a cool idea for a crossword puzzle!"

But this time, I'm going to mix things up a little.  I'm not going to post the clues in order!  Instead, I'm going to post pairs of clues that go together.  For example, Clue: 1976 Roxie and Clue: 1997 Roxie: Answers: Gwen Verdon and Ann Reinking. 

Except today.  Today, I am going to tell you how to set up the puzzle and give you single clues that have pairs of dates that tell you one answer.  For example:  Clue: 1972 original/2000 revival  Answer: Jesus Christ Superstar.  Plus I will give you a few pairs, so that by the time you are done today, you'll know how to set up the puzzle and know all of the shows that are part of the rest of the clues that will be coming in future blogs.  (Confused?  Just go with it and have a little trust!)

Set Up the Puzzle:
  1. Make a grid that is 38 by 38 squares.
  2. Note in the margin that the following ROWS have no new answers starting in them.  These rows have only letters from other clues or are black squares.  They are rows 7, 9, 18, 19, 21 and 37.
  3. There are many answers that are more than one word, but the spaces between the words don't count in the number of letters given with the clues.

A Couple of Notes:
  1. The years given throughout are the year that the show was eligible for the Tony Awards, unless otherwise noted.
  2. The names of people are first and last, and are all listed in the Opening Night credits according to http://www.ibdb.com/.
  3. Since some shows have had more than one revival, be sure to consider the date given.
And now....

The Clues:

(Single Clues)

1 Across: Row 1, Block 8.  17 Letters: 1973 original production/2010 revival
14 Across: Row 12, Block 30.  4 Letters: 1968 original production*/2009 revival
15 Down: Row 10, Block 5.  15 Letters: 1984 original production/2010 revival
35 Down: Row 25, Block 4.  12 Letters: 1987 revival/2011 revival
38 Down: Row 27, Block 20.  12 Letters: 1987 original production/2002 revival
39 Across: Row 28, Bock 1.  12 Letters: Shortened title for 1995 revival/2011 revival

(* A change in Tony rules made the show eligible for the 1969 Tonys, but opened in 1968.)

(Clue Pairs - Both clues have to do with the same show)

9 Across: Row 5, Block 7.  13 Letters:  Classic 1957 musical
52 Across: Row 36, Block 30.  7 Letters: The 2009 revival has songs and dialogue translated into this language.

31 Down: Row 22, Block 37.  6 Letters: 1987's Best Play
45 Across: Row 32, Block 2.  12 Letters:  Playwright of 31 Down

47 Down: Row 33, Block 38.  6 Letters: 1st word of the title of the 1965 flop play
54 Across: Row 38, Block 33.  6 Letters: 2nd word of the title of the 2008 hit revival

At this point, you have the titles of all 9 plays and musicals and their revivals which are the subject of all the rest of the clues.  (1987 was a very good year on Broadway.)  Also, you have the very first clue (1 Across) and the very last clue (54 Across).

Look for the next set of clues soon!

Here are the clues in "Crossword Style."  And, as always, the pictures are clues to the clues!


1  1973 original production/2010 revival
9  Classic 1957 musical
14  1968 original production*/2009 revival
39  Shortened title for 1995 revival/2011 revival
45  Playwright of 31 Down
52  The 2009 revival has songs and dialogue translated into this language
54  2nd word of the title of the 2008 hit revival


15  1984 original production/2010 revival 
31  1987's Best Play
35  1987 revival/2011 revival
38  1987 original production/2002 revival
47  1st word of the title of the 1965 flop play

12 clues down, 42 to go!

Find an error?  Have an idea for a future puzzle?  Leave one here, email me at jkstheatrescene@yahoo.com or Tweet me!

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