Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What If Broadway Fans Were Like Football Fans?

As you probably know, even if you've only read a few of my blogs, I am not knowledgeable AT ALL about football.  Like the cast of Lombardi, before I go to that show this winter, I will need to read Football for Dummies.  But it is around this time of year when I start to feel a little left out.  Everyone, it seems, pulls out the stops for the playoffs and, of course, the Super Bowl.

I see it everywhere - sweatshirts, sweaters, team jerseys, hats, pins, buttons on people of all shapes, sizes, colors and creeds.  Homes are adorned with full-sized team logo flags, front yards have inflatable football players in the appropriate team colors.  And even cars are done up!  Everything from painted slogans on windows to football helmet door magnets, and those little flags - one on each side of the car - that flap elegantly in the breeze as the car goes down the highway.

My favorite is the arm carrying the football on the driver's side door!

As someone who enjoys being a fan of certain things, I whole-heartily approve of such excitement, loyalty and plain old fun.  Heck, in my neighborhood alone, the only time the guy next door to me on the left even speaks to the guy next door to me on the right is the few weeks each year that the Pittsburgh Steelers are in the playoffs.  Lately, that's been nice, but a few years there it was like the Hatfields and McCoys with years between truces.

Imagine that kind of fervor for Broadway shows!  The Tony Nominations are like the playoffs... we all pick "teams":  last year, I'd have been Team Memphis.  The Drama Desks, Outer Critics Circle and Broadway Audience awards are like those nifty bowl games.  And, of course, the Tonys would be the Super Bowl/

Picture Team Memphis in T-shirts - logos AND slogans, faces painted in neon pink, red and blue.  We are all wearing knit caps or baseball caps, and we are all screaming "Huck-adoo!"

Team Addams Family would have been eliminated in last year's playoffs, but picture everyone dressed as Lurch, Morticia, and Uncle Fester!  The banner? A nasty cobweb, of course!

And Team Fela! would have been, hands down the most colorful on the field!

And just imagine the half-time show...

I think I'm going to find investors for my show logo car door/bumper magnets.  I bet people would buy them.  You can probably guess which show would be on my bumper!

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