Friday, July 7, 2023

Broadway Games: Anagrams - People Edition

Last week's game was such a hit, we thought we'd try another round of Broadway Anagrams. Instead of show titles, this week is all about show people!

Broadway Games:
Anagrams - People Edition

Since last week was kind of challenging, we are mixing it up by adding a new level to the game. Clues to what the anagrams are are in the right column. Match the clue to the anagram in the left column. Good luck!

1. Joyous Client                        A. She’s played two real-life people on Broadway.

2. He Hires Jargon                   B. We’ve been crazy for this choreographer for years.

3. Rude And Drawn                  C. He sings “Music, Money, Love” in New York, New York.

4. Wet Elf Boys                        D. They just won a Tony Award.

5. Nylon Actor                         E. She's a Tony nominee for From The North Country.

6. Sun Tan Morass                 F. Her look back is now theatrical legend.

7. A Medical Domain               G. He plays Arthur’s rival for Guenevere’s affections.

8. An Odd Coin Jar                 H. He’s the hunky Beau in Shucked.

9. Mean Arm Whining             I. She’s the “other” Anne Hathaway.

10. Mushier Tan Line              J. This young man earned a Tony nod for his debut.


1. Justin Cooley J                            6. Susan Stroman B

2. J. Harrison Ghee D                     7. Micaela Diamond A

3. Andrew Durand H                        8. Jordan Donica D

4. Betsy Wolfe I                                9. Mare Winningham E

5. Colton Ryan C                            10. Ruthie Ann Miles F    

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