Friday, October 10, 2014

A Weekend in the City

I haven't been to New York since July - one of the longer droughts of my theater-going career. And distance does lend enchantment, apparently, since I'm really excited about it!  Here are some of things I'm looking forward to:

 The Cafe Edison: I haven't been there since well before July, and I am really looking forward to it!  Oh, I know it isn't gourmet food or spotlessly clean, and the service can be kind of...rough.  But it is a cheap, large portion meal of comfort food, with quick service.  And the place vibrates with history and the chance to catch Broadway stars and gypsies grabbing a pre-show nosh! Fun, I tell you!

Walking down 45th Street: Rows of theaters line the block between Broadway and 8th Avenue.  New marquees to see, more show pictures to look at.  Pippin envy as I look at the people lined up to see it!

The Shops: Okay, I'm not running over to Macy's or 5th Avenue, but I'm a sucker for American Outfitters, the trendy surfer store, whose name escapes me, and the Disney Store.  Why?  They all make me feel younger - I feed off all that youthful energy!  And of course, checking out the Broadway stuff on 44th Street is a much-loved ritual.

3 New Shows!!: The real reason for my excursion!  The rush of expectation I feel every time the house lights dim is one of my three favorite feelings of all time (the other two are personal)!  This time around it'll be On The Town (one of my favorite scores, played by a huge orchestra, seeing some of my favorite performers in new roles - Jay Armstrong Johnson and Elizabeth Stanley to name but two - and a ton of dancing...yippee!), The Last Ship (a BRAND NEW musical is always a thing to be excited about, and I have a feeling this one will give me lots to think about - good or bad, who knows?), and The Curious Incident... (I understand I'll be seeing Taylor Trensch, which is fine by me, as I always love seeing a young actor grow in another different role from his last one, plus I can't wait to see the staging!)

I'll let you know how the trip went and what I thought of the shows next week!  Drop me a note about your recent and upcoming NYC trips.  I love to hear from other fans!


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