Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Everything Old Is New Again

Broadway has revivals of plays and musicals all the time, right? Well, why not revive an ad campaign? And that's just what the MTA did just yesterday with a modern update to their classic 1977 advertisement promoting the subway as the method of transport to get you to the show.

That ad brings back some memories for me as a kid growing up outside of Albany. I was still years away from seeing my first show on Broadway, but I can distinctly remember seeing that image and thinking, "wow, people in plays must get dressed at home and ride the subway ready to start the show!" Ah, to be that starry-eyed and innocent again. Then, sometime after it first came out, I actually saw Carol Channing in a tour of Hello, Dolly!, immediately recognizing her (and that dress). I also saw her leave the theater as we were leaving the parking garage. No red dress. No subway. Way to kill a 10 year-old's dreams, Carol!

And now - everything old is new again! The new MTA has arrived, and that feeling of nostalgia was a nice rush. A flood of memories at seeing the old version juxtaposed with the new, recognizing now that there were some major players in that picture besides Ms. Channing, like Stephanie Mills, Melba Moore and the great Eartha Kitt.

I do love the new one, too. It's fun to see what shows I've seen and actors I recognize immediately, as well as to look forward to the new shows represented! It got me to thinking, what shows/ characters/actors I might pick for a next iteration. Like, I'm sure I'd add the new Aladdin and Jasmine, Mufasa and Young Simba, Albus and Scorpius, Marian, Harold and Winthrop, Fiyero and Madame Morrible, a couple of the Temptations, Hermes, Orpheus & a Fate. 

I wouldn't mind if they started those cool "I Love NY" ads again. But I'd love a new update to this print ad:

Oh, the people I'd love to see in that!

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