Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Star-To-Be: Danny Kornfeld

Years of theater-going have helped me develop a sort of sixth sense when it comes to recognizing new talent that has the goods to have a long, successful career. When it came to the show
Harmony, there was an embarrassment of riches. Five of the six principal Comedian Harmonists were making their Broadway debut, and each one was wonderful in his own way. All of them have the potential to be breakout stars. But one of them, as the younger version of Chip Zien's character, Danny Kornfeld, really stood out to me as a real star-to-be. We use the term "triple threat" a lot, but I'd suggest he's a quadruple threat: he excels in song, dance, comedy and drama. He is an exciting performer!

Harmony's Danny Kornfeld 

He is already amassing a nice resume of movie and TV projects, including a recurring role in American Horror Story: NYC and featured roles in two 2023 films, Tripped Up and Loud and Longing. And as with most actors with an eye toward a thriving stage career, Kornfeld has definitely put his BFA in Drama (from Syracuse University, no less) to good use in more than a dozen workshops, regional work, a national tour, and three off-Broadway shows, including an earlier version of Harmony.

20th Anniversary Tour of Rent - Mark Cohen

Off- Broadway: Renascence - Aunt Caroline
(Left: Far left; Right: 3rd from right)

Off- Broadway: Wringer - Mutto
(Right: far left)

Can't wait to see what he does next. Hope to see his name in lights soon!

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