Monday, May 12, 2014

Tony Nominated Plays on TV

Here's a look at how this year's Best Play Tony nominees are trying to get you to see them!

Act One

In a lot of ways, the perfect TV spot, considering that Act One is all about the old days of Broadway.  You have the old school voice-over, the critical quotes surrounded by "flickering lights," the jazzy music and the close-ups of the stars, including widely-recognized faces like Andrea Martin and Tony Shalhoub, and there's even a shot of the one thing all the critics and audiences are talking about - that amazing (and Tony-nominated) set!  And great last line!  Grade: A

All the Way

The show's greatest asset - Bryan Cranston - is fully on display, and you can tell it is him.  But you can also tell he's doing a pretty decent L.B.J. impression, too.  And the smart-ass delivery of the tagline should appeal to all of his Breaking Bad fans.  But what should really sell this Tony nominated piece for the rest of us (and smartly, it comes across as rather masculine, getting more men in the seats) is the fast-paced cross-cutting of quotes and information, coupled with action film-style underscoring.  It looks and sound exciting, doesn't it?  Grade: A

Casa Valentina

The old time film footage sets the era, if not the Catskills location of this new play.  But the cross-cutting of the footage of the gal getting dress, combined with the voice-over, makes the final twist of the "complete picture" all the more delicious and provocative.  It perfectly represents what this lovely play is all about without prejudice or overselling it.  Grade: A+

Mothers and Sons

An interesting 15 seconds.  I'm guessing that it is important to know going in that the play is "NOW"? It is slick, and well produced, with nice integration of quotes.  But other than knowing that the play is "about now," I could have gotten all of the other info by watching it with the sound off.  Is that a good thing?  Grade: C

Outside Mullingar

It is cute and shows chemistry between Debra Messing and Brian F. O'Byrne, despite its opposites attract story.  I wish I had seen these two in action! Grade: A-


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