Friday, May 30, 2014

Broadway on TV: The Musical Revival Tony Nominees

So, how are the folks at each of the Tony-nominated musical revivals vying for our ticket dollars?  It runs the gamut - from not bothering with the nominations to touting them to the hilt.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

Grade: A: From what I can find, they haven't changed their ad at all.  An d why should they?  It's the biggest hit of the season, with or without Tony nominations.  And it hits all the right buttons, hard!  A glammed up Neil Patrick Harris, a legit Rolling Stones quote, pulling in its key demographic, and fast cuts and loud music - a 16-second music video.  Just like the show, only really fast!

Les Miserables

Grade A+: This is, I have to admit, a beautiful commercial.  Cinematic in scope, exciting and full of characters we all know (and some of us love), I wish the show really looked like that.  The booming start of the overture the ad uses makes you stop and watch, too.  And talk about making the most of very little - they play the Tony nominations thing like they got the most of any shows - a wise play, for sure.  Of course, it doesn't matter, it probably won't win any Tonys, but, like Hedwig, it doesn't matter.  Even so, this is a great commercial.


Grade A: Violet could use a bit of a push at the box office, which is a shame.  But this nicely produced ad should really help that.  The perfect combination of rousing underscoring, fast clips and critical quotes, and excellently integrated info on its stars, Sutton Foster and Joshua Henry, and their Tony nominations.

BONUS: Cabaret


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