Tuesday, March 20, 2018


The end of season push has begun again, and there are a ton of shows opening this spring! That means we've got lots of work to do to add new members to the Broadway Olympics Team.  This week, the amazing cast of Disney's Frozen is competing for your votes in 4 categories: Leading Actress, Featured Actor, Female and Male Ensemble Members.

So... which cast members are HOT enough to melt a snowman? You decide!

A few things to remember:

  1. You DO NOT have to have seen the show to vote!
  2. You can vote for as many (or as few) cast members as you wish.
  3. Yes, this is just like the old "HOT or NOT" contests of previous seasons. And the "heat level" can be looks, of course, but it could also be talent, career, and potential.
  4. The survey is secure. It dies not collect any data from you, and I can't see any identifying data, only the results of your vote.

MOST IMPORTANT! YOUR VOTES WILL NOT COUNT UNLESS YOU CLICK "FINISH SURVEY" ALL THE WAY AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POLL.  Since there are 37 cast members, you'll have to scroll pretty far down to hit that button!

Thanks for participating! The results will be posted on Monday, March 26!

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