Tuesday, March 10, 2020


It is simple and straightforward. It is eye-catching. It is Broadway and it is rock and roll! I haven't seen it yet, but from everything I've read, Six the musical is a lot like the logo. And if that's the case, both are winners.

You can't miss the title, the biggest single element of the logo, is a bold white and and a regal, simple font. Using a gold crown as the i's tittle brings some royal bling. The second element that I think is great is the royal purple background with a lighter shadow shade of each of their last names listed over and over. Last names only is so powerful; a frequent way to emphasize a man's name, gives these women their due. Henry is nowhere to be found!

Lastly, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, and they are sure getting their money's worth here.  It says so much about what you are getting when you see Six. First, there's the rock concert vibe as evidenced by the pose and microphones. Then there are the costumes - this ain't no period piece! And yet for all their modern flair, leather, buckles, wigs and make up, you can still see their English period influence. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, these are women with a variety of backgrounds, strong and in-charge. In not choosing a cast that looks like their subject (a la Hamilton) the show lets us know that its about all women as much as it is about Henry's wives. And that is exciting. Just as a show and its logo should be.

Grade: A


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