Friday, April 17, 2020

The Friday 5 Quiz: Name 3

Here's a little Friday 5 fun. Test your knowledge/memory (or look up the answers!) of Broadway by naming 3 of each of the following. Sometimes there are exactly 3 answers, other times there are more. We are only looking for 3. Good luck!

The Friday 5 Quiz:
Can you... name 3?

1. Name 3 Sondheim musicals (not revues) that were NOT directed by Hal Prince.

2. Name 3 actresses that opened Sweeney Todd on Broadway playing Mrs. Lovett.

3. Name 3 shows that feature a turntable.

4. Name 3 songs from musicals that debuted on Broadway in the 21st century that contain the word "kiss."

5. Name 3 musicals that have a song in them called "I'm Alive."


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