Monday, April 13, 2020

Broadway Heat: The Diana Edition - The Results!!

Royals followers and theater fans rejoice! She was a princess that captivated the world, with a wedding to end all weddings. Her life was no fairy tale, and still she was an amazing mother and humanitarian. Her tragic story has come to life in a big new Broadway musical. 

Your Broadway Heat votes have decided who in the cast of Diana is the hottest/buzziest of them all! The winner represent the show at the end of the season when, together, we will find the HOTTEST BROADWAY MUSICAL CAST MEMBER OF THE 2019-2020 SEASON! 

Diana Edition: The Results!

HOT on Broadway (adj.) - fierce, talented, has potential; has "buzz," has the "it factor."

1st Place: Tomás Matos

2nd Place: Roe Hartrampf
3rd Place: Ashley Andrews


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