Wednesday, March 8, 2023

2022 - 2023 Show Logos: & Juliet and A Beautiful Noise

Today, we are taking a closer look at the logos of two Broadway musicals that opened during the first half of the 22/23 season. Both are jukebox musicals - the Max Martin catalog show, & Juliet and the Neil Diamond bio-musical, A Beautiful Noise. Both are doing well at the box office (one more so than the other, but let's not split hairs), but do their logos help, hurt, or have little effect on their ad campaigns? Will either draw tourist crowds?

2022 - 2023 Show Logos:
& Juliet and A Beautiful Noise


Slick and fun, this key art certainly matches the tone of the show. The colors are sleek and very modern, while the title font has a Shakespearean feel. The metallic sheen to the entire logo fairly screams rock star. 

The details are what really sell this icon-style show art, while its simplicity recalls some of Broadway's most recognizable images. I mean, this was made for a t-shirt, right? The golden headphones tell us this is not entirely an Elizabethan enterprise. And the heart, of course calls to mind the romance of the story we think we are about to see. But then there's the tagline, "There's life after Romeo." What?! But they are both dead by the end, right? 

But for me, the title is what sells it: a modern spin with classical lettering, and a stylized quill with stars (crossed?) on it. The placement is genius. It all but begs the question, "What about Romeo?"

Grade: A+

For me, this is one logo that gets the job done, but not much more. The color choices against a black background are certainly eye-catching, and the layout seems made for a tote bag - they were flying off the shelves of the merch booth the day we saw it!

The simple font has an almost powerful vibe and reminds me of old concert photos. The bolding of "Neil Diamond" draws the eye, as does the title in a gold Vegas lights (or sequins). No matter how it presents itself, it is easily noticeable, which is a good thing. I also think it wise to make what is usually a subtitle for such shows come above the title. In the spectrum of his career, "A Beautiful Noise" is certainly not one of his well-known tunes. (Calling it "Sweet Caroline" would not be a good choice given the show itself...)

Unfortunately, the most interesting thing about this key art likely either goes unnoticed or is written off as just a picture of Neil. I think the way the titles of his greatest hits make up the form of his jacket and guitar is interesting and really makes you pause to look closer.

Grade: B-

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