Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Broadway Jeopardy! - Game 3

Broadway Jeopardy! 

It's game time again, Broadway fans! This. Is. Jeopardy!: one Jeopardy round, one Double Jeopardy round, and Final Jeopardy, plus one (not so hidden) Daily Double. Good luck!

Today's Jeopardy round category is size matters. We'll describe a song or show, you name the title of the work. Get those signalling devices ready... and go!

size matters

Count Carl-Magnus, Desiree and "Send in the Clowns"

Audrey, Oren, Mushnik and "Skid Row"

The Healy Family and "Ironic"

 The two "little" things Lola tells us we need 
in a Damn Yankees song

Sid Caesar, Martin Short & Victor Garber have all 
played the lead role in this Neil Simon, 
Cy Coleman, Carolyn Leigh musical

Now it's time for Double Jeopardy! Dollar values are doubled. Today's category is SIZE MATTERS. We'll describe a song or show, you name the title of the work. Grab those signalling devices! Good luck!

Huck, Jim and the Mississippi

"Do ya wanna have fun? Fun? Fun?" sing the 
Fan-Dango Ballroom girls in this Sweet Charity showstopper

Based on a Tom Hanks film, the title of this show 
says it all, at least according to Josh Baskin and Zoltar

Andrew Lippa, Norbert Leo Butz, 
a giant & Kate Baldwin

The last show for which Bob Fosse won a 
Best Choreography Tony Award

And now, Final Jeopardy! Carefully calculate your wagers, based on your knowledge of today's category: Musicalized Novels.

Musicalized Novels

This show, based on a 1896 novel by the same name, 
featured an "Astonishing" Sutton Foster


JEOPARDY: size matters
$200: What is A Little Night Music?
$400: What is Little Shop of Horrors?
$600: What is Jagged Little Pill?
DAILY DOUBLE: What are "A Little Brains, A Little Talent"?
$1000: What is Little Me?

$400: What is Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn?
DAILY DOUBLE: What is "Big Spender"?
$1200: What is Big: The Musical?
$1600: What is Big Fish?
$2000: What is Big Deal?

FINAL JEOPARDY: Musicalized Novels
What is Little Women: The Musical?

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