Friday, March 3, 2023

Broadway Games: Let's Give 'em a Hand!

"Why do we work our asses off? Applause! Applause!" 

The title song from 1970's Tony Award-winning Best Musical says it all, Broadway fans. Hands are key to true theatrical appreciation, and so they are key to this week's game.

Below, are snips from 10 different Broadway show logos. Can you tell the name of each show just by looking at their hands? HINT: The logo for Hands on a Hardbody does not figure into any of the answers! Good luck!

1.      2. 

3.      4. 
5.      6. 
7.      8. 
9.      10. 

STOP!! Unless you are ready for the answers, stop scrolling now! 
Answers below!

1.    2. 

3.    4. 

5.    6. 

7.    8. 

9.    10. 

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