Monday, June 29, 2020

VOTE HERE! The 2020 (Might Have Been) Tony Awards Ballot

This is IT! After a crazy cut short season and hundreds of nominations over the past several weeks, we crunched the numbers, read all of your thoughtful messages championing your favorite shows, and have arrived at the moment of truth! Here is the "official" 2020 (Might Have Been) Tony Awards Ballot!

Every season we fans always celebrate all the nominees and winners. But we also love to debate and mourn those who didn't make the cut. This year presented a unique opportunity to have our say! Your nominations are below. Now your votes will determine the popular outcome!

  • Scroll down the entire ballot to cast your votes. 
  • You may select only ONE nominee in each category.
  • At the very bottom, you MUST click/tap the "FINISH SURVEY" button or your vote WILL NOT COUNT.
  • As always, this ballot has been configured so that your personal information is NOT collected. It is secure.
  • NOTE: The ballot may take some time to fully load. There are 28 categories in total.


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