Thursday, March 10, 2022

Broadway Games: Knowing the Season

Broadway Games:
Knowing the Season
How well do you know the shows that will be opening between now and the April 28th Tony Awards deadline?


1. This play revival features the entire original cast.
2. The production features an original cast member of both 
A Chorus Line and In the Heights.
3. This show features a Tony winner, an Emmy winner and an Oscar winner.
4. This show has already won a Pulitzer Prize.
5. This anticipated show co-stars a Glee Emmy winner.
6. The only show this season to star a James Bond.
7. Will's roommate headlines this play.
8. This musical features music and lyrics from the people who brought us Parade and Hands on a Hardbody.
9. This show's website includes a tab marked "Meet Neil."
10. This show returns to Broadway now starring a Schitt's Creek cast member.
11. The last time one of the stars of this play was on Broadway, she played Judy Garland.
12. This revival stars a former Spelling Bee contestant.
13. A former Slave Play standout headlines this original musical.


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