Friday, March 4, 2022

Broadway Games: What's in a Name?

With this week's announcement that the Cort Theatre will be re-named the James Earl Jones Theatre - and well-deserved, of course - we got to thinking about the names of all the other Broadway theaters and what or who they are named for. For example, the Cort Theatre itself is named for theater impresario John Cort.

John Cort and James Earl Jones

Can you name these 20 (out of 41) Broadway houses based on who or what each is named for?

Broadway Games:
What's in a Name? Part 1
Can you name...

... 5 theaters named for actors? (not including the James Earl Jones)

... 3 theaters named for playwrights?

... 2 theaters named for critics?

... 3 theaters named for composers/lyricists?

... 4 theaters with names that just sounded theatrical? (they aren't named for anything special)

... 2 theaters named for their location?

... 1 theater named for a caricaturist?

Answers to Last Week's
Come and Meet Those Dancin' Feet


The Music Man




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