Thursday, February 6, 2014

Website Review: Rocky

I am not a sports fan, and I particularly don't like boxing and similar hand-to-hand competitions.  But ever since I was 10, and saw Rocky on the big screen, I have loved the Italian Stallion and the love of his life, Adrian.  Knowing the story of a poor guy beating the odds to achieve his dream and to get the girl enthralled me even as a kid.  Looking back on it, I know now it was both the drama of the story and the spectacle of the final moments of the film that made me love the original.  (Don't get me started on those horrid sequels!)

The Rocky Team

I've watched, with great interest, the genesis of the show by some of my favorite Broadway types - Thomas Meehan (book) and Stephen Flaherty (composer) and Lynn Aherns (lyricist), Alex Timbers (director) - all the way over in Germany, and now in its American incarnation.  It has been interesting watching the producers build a brand beyond the film into a Broadway event.  One part of that campaign is the show website, which I really like.

Grade: A

Website HERE

This website is a great blend of the familiar and advances in ease and organization.  When you get to the website, it has all the usual tabs for you to click to find out about the show, cast/creatives, ticket info and more.  The upgrade (at least from your typical show site) is that when you click a tab, the screen scrolls to your destination.  The page is one smooth scroll through all of the material.  And you can also use the side scroll bar to do it manually.  I love that ease, and not having to wait for separate pages to load.

The biggest plus, though, is the slick format of the content.  It is in large bold fonts, with nice big head shots.  The news articles aren't just titles, they give you a nice icon and start the article off so you can better pick and choose what you want to read.  And I really like the format for ticket information.  Of course, you get the typical "three ways to get tickets," but you also get an easier to navigate than usual calendar and a more detailed than usual seating chart for the Winter Garden Theatre.  Would that the Telecharge site you get sent to were this user-friendly!

"Adrian" and "Rocky"
The drawback, so far a least, is that lacks some current information.  The entire cast is not included, and all of the photos are of the original German production.  They do whet your appetite for the show.  And I am certain that once it get closer to opening night, all of that will change.  I'm looking forward to seeing those updates.  Until then, how about some rehearsal shots?  Anything with Andy Karl all shirtless and sweaty will do.


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