Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Trendsday Poll: What do you do with your Playbills?

You get one at every Broadway show, most off-Broadway shows and many national theaters.  I'm talking about the Playbill magazine the usher hands you before you head off to your seat, full of anticipation.  But where does it go from there?  For me, it is a near obsession.  I get two copies: one to look at, and one that goes immediately into one of the plastic sleeves that come with the Playbill binder. Earlier booklets are kept in comic book collector sleeves in boxes that are made just for that purpose.  What can I say?  I love my Playbills!

This week's survey is 3 questions on this topic.  Check off as many that apply to you as necessary - and if you do something not listed, add it under "other."  Use the scroll bar on the right to move down the survey box.  When you are done, be sure to click "Finish Survey," so that your votes will count!

The poll will close on Monday, May 25 at 6 PM!

Thanks for voting!

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