Tuesday, May 5, 2015

TROUPER TUESDAY: The Youth of The Visit

Not since Follies has there been such a ghostly, ethereal presence so integral to the plot and staging as there is when Young Anton and Young Claire take the stage in The Visit.  And they are just so present, ironic in a way since they represent the past.  That they make such an impression while vying for the audience's attention against the venerable legend Chita Rivera.  Of course, I'm talking about John Riddle and Michelle Veintimilla, both of whom are making their Broadway debut with the show.  You'd never know it, what with their incredible poise and polish.  Call me a fan boy if you want to.  I know a good thing when I see it.

Here they are in action.

John Riddle and Michelle Veintimilla

Promise and regret
The most talked about Pas de Deux
of the Broadway season
Past and Present Collide in The Visit
And they feature prominently in the commercial, too:

They are amazing... what will they do next?


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