Monday, May 18, 2015

MEDIA MONDAY: Something Rotten! Logo

Mike and I are sharply divided on one thing about Something Rotten!: the show logo.  I LOVE IT! Mike, not so much.  I love the smooshed tomato.  I love the very detailed cartoon drawing.  I love how it sends up the very institution it is part of.  And I LOVE the tongue-in-cheek copy that stays true to the whole Renaissance/Shakespearean thing, while being totally 21st century.

What's really great about it as advertising is that you can instantly recognize the brand it creates, surmise the tone of the show, and, if you really want to linger, there's plenty to chew on.  Plenty.


Previous Logos:

I love the austerity of this, and it captures the
Shakespearean aspect well.  But it is too subtle
on the zany comedy of the actual show.
This one is a little closer, with the more comedic
font and larger tomato.  The tag line is close, too.
But the whole thing is a little too "First Folio."
On the Marquee Prior to Opening:

The novice writing team has a top notch ad agency.
The top line (in red) is funny and relate-able to anyone who has ever seen a play.
And the hanger hones in on the spate of recent shows whose previews don't start on schedule.
Love the front cap - a fun riff on the whole "A New Musical" moniker. And the
hanger with the "quote" from the mother of all critical quote gets, The New York Times.
The Print Ads:

From "the stage": Look at the audience.  The actors' reactions.
The food that had made it to the stage already.  The incoming tomato.
The appreciative, autograph-seeking rats.  LOVE IT!

The reaction of the upper-crust of Elizabethan society.
The Puritanical reaction - you gotta love the sheep he brought,
and all that implies.  One of his flock, indeed.
And it totally fits the Brooks Ashmanskas character.
Love the current (and factual) twist on the
whole "awards advertising" thing.
Lord Brantley was pretty rotten to Rotten!
And they still got a pull quote!
Here's a closer look at the cutest rats on Broadway,
 stage dooring with Playbill at  hand  paw.

And my favorites - the way the lines are very Renaissance AND very 2015. Talk about viral.
Is the "actual women" also a sly dig at the constant flow of drag roles on Broadway?
So, do you agree with me or Mike?  Leave your comments below, Tweet me (@jkstheatrescene) or email me: .


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