Thursday, November 8, 2018

Welcome to the Theater! The Broadway Debuts of King Kong

King Kong
Opening Night: Thursday, November 8, 2018
Broadway Theatre

Congratulations to the following cast members making their Broadway debuts tonight!

Ashley Andrews (Swing)
Rhaamell Burke-Missouri (King's Company/Ensemble)
Leroy Church (Ensemble)

Jovan Dansberry (King's Company/Ensemble)
Christopher Hampton Grant (Swing)
Jon Hoche (Voice of Kong/Voodoo Operator/Ensemble)

Gabriel Hyman (King's Company/Ensemble)
Danny Miller (Voodoo Operator/Ensemble)
Brittany Marcell Monachino (Ensemble)

Roberto Olvera (King's Company/Ensemble)
Khadija Tariyan (King's Company/Ensemble)
Jena VanElslander (Swing)

Jacob Williams (Vodoo Operator/Ensemble)
Lauren Yalango-Grant (King's Company/Ensemble)
David Yijae (King's Company/Ensemble)

Here's to great reviews, a terrific run, and many more Broadway opening nights!


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