Friday, May 7, 2021

Broadway Games: How Well Do You Know Your Flop Playbills Covers

How Well Do You Know
Your Flop Playbill Covers?

Can you recognize these shows from their Playbill covers - just the banner and a little bit of the logo? Good luck!












Answers to Last Week's Game:
Broadway Games:
Sondheim Lyrics
1. "And are you beautiful and pale
With yellow hair
Like her?
I'd want you beautiful and pale
The way I've dreamed you were...
And if you're beautiful, what then
With yellow hair
Like wheat?
I think we shall not meet again
My little dove
My sweet..."

Song Title: "Johanna (reprise)"     Sondheim Show: Sweeney Todd

2. "Feel how it quivers
On the brink
Gives you the shivers
Makes you think
There's so much stuff to sing
And you and me
We'll be singing it like the birds
Me with music and you the words
Tell 'em things they don't know
Up to us, pal, to show 'em"

Song Title: "Our Time"       Sondheim Show: Merrily We Roll Along

"I was younger then...
I saw everything...
I was hidden all the time...
It was easier to climb...
I was younger then...
I saw everything...
Where they came and where they went
I was part of the event!"

Song Title: "Someone in a Tree"     Sondheim Show: Pacific Overtures

4. "There are mouths to be kissed
Before mouths to be fed
And there's many a tryst
And there's many a bed
To be sampled and seen
In the meanwhile
And a girl has to celebrate what passes by..."

Song Title: "The Miller's Son"      Sondheim Show: A Little Night Music

5. "I thought I knew what love was
I wish we could have met so much sooner
I thought I knew what love was
I thought I knew how much I could feel
I thought I knew what love was
But now I do
It's what I feel with you"

Song Title: "Happiness"      Sondheim Show: Passion

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