Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Movie Musicals 2021: 3 Thoughts on 3 Trailers

Movie Musicals 2021:
3 Thoughts on 3 Trailers

Maybe theater fans were extra good this past year. As a reward for enduring a pandemic, maybe we are being rewarded with not one, but three movie musicals! And none of them are animated, either. Now that all three films have finally released "Official Trailers," I thought I'd offer my thoughts...

Before I even get started, for the record: although I tried to be focused purely on the film versions, I can't help but acknowledge that my opinion of the stage version may have crept in to my thoughts. One is probably my favorite musical of all time, one is one of my favorite musicals of the 21st century, and the other one...well...

In the Heights  - Opens 6.11.21

3 Thoughts:
  • The absolute joy that pervades the piece is on full display here, and it thrills me.
  • I'm excited for the casting - especially Olga Merediz as Abuela Claudia and Anthony Ramos as Usnavi.
  • The choreography looks to be brilliantly executed AND filmed, a combo not seen on film since Chicago.

West Side Story - Opens 12.10.21

3 Thoughts:
  • I'll be the first to admit that I didn't think a re-make was necessary. But after seeing this, I am all in!
  • It manages to look both vintage and modern-edgy. A tribute to the original. Yellow is the new purple.
  • Surely I was not the only one who gasped then cried when Rita Moreno's voice came on singing "Somewhere." The juxtaposition of that hopeful lyric with the jarring images of young people at a dance, then at a rumble...if the film takes as much care of things like that as this trailer does, it will be a masterpiece.

Dear Evan Hansen - Opens 9.24.21 

3 Thoughts:
  • Ben Platt didn't look like a teenager 5 years ago, so I didn't expect him to look like one now. But nothing prepared me for this. The Addams Family pallor, the fright wig - he looks middle aged and sickly. Has he had work done? Botox maybe?
  • There are positives: the scoring sounds amazing, the rest of the cast appears to be great, and there's a gay subtext in full flame (does that mean that it isn't subtext?).


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