Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Broadway Games: A Logic Puzzle

You asked, and here you go!  Here's a theatre-themed logic puzzle, as many of you have written in and asked for.  I hope I did it right!  I did check it... if you find an issue write in a let me know so I can fix it!


Five couples (Donna among them) decided to take in some of the season's best plays and musicals, including The Normal Heart.  They all arrived in style - one couple even arrived in a rickshaw - enjoyed their show and went their separate ways.  Using the clues and the grid below, figure out who went to the show together, how they got there, what show they saw, and what they did after.

Fill in the grid like this: 
  1. Across the top, left to right, the topics are: Partner 2, Transportation, Show, After Show.
  2. Down the side, top to bottom, the topics are: Partner 1, After Show, Show, Transportation
  3. The contents of each topic (IN THIS ORDER) are:
  • Partner 1: Oscar, Peter, Richard, Stephen and Tom
  • Partner 2: Angela, Bebe, Charlie, Donna, Edie
  • Transportation: Limo, Rickshaw, Subway, Taxi, Walking
  • Show: Anything Goes, The Book of Mormon, Catch Me If You Can, The Normal Heart, War Horse
  • After Show: Bowlmor Lanes for a game or two, Cheesecake at Junior's, Marriott Marquis for bed, Splash for a Broadway Cares benefit, and Times Square for people-watching 

  1. Oscar took his female companion, who is not Angela, to Splash for a BCEFA benefit after the show.
  2. Edie and her male friend, who is neither Stephen nor Richard, arrived at their play in a limo.
  3. One pair walked to Catch Me If You Can.
  4. Stephen and his lady friend, who has a sweet tooth, saw this year's Tony-winning Best Play.
  5. Bebe, who saw a musical, bowled better than her husband, Tom.
  6. One couple that saw a revival arrived in an automobile, while the other couple who saw a revival came on the subway.  Meanwhile, Oscar arrived at this year's Best Musical by leg power.
  7. All of that pre-show walking made Richard tired, so he and his partner called it a night.  But Peter was so charged up after his show, that he dismissed his driver, and then he and his gal jogged over to Times Square for some late night people watching.
This puzzle is medium to difficult.  Good luck and enjoy!

The solution will be in Sunday's TheatreScene.


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