Monday, June 13, 2011

The 2011 Tony Awards Telecast: A Few Final Thoughts

So, I'm exhausted, aren't you? FIVE hours of non-stop coverage, with the last three leaving me trying to catch my breath!  It never stopped, really, and the result was probably the best Tonys telecast in years.  After a decent night's sleep and a few hours of reflection, here are my thoughts, for what they are worth.

  • Live telecasts of the numbers from the nominated shows.  Why?  Because it is clear that the camera men only saw each number at rehearsal, and the director was cut happy.  Daniel Radcliffe was clearly supposed to be in the center of every camera shot, but ended up mostly half cut off on the edges.  A simple from the back shot would have recreated the Broadway experience nicely.  Better yet, let each show use their B Roll footage to showcase exactly which number they want to show us.  Give the same opportunity to the plays and we might have a solution for how to showcase them, too.
  • Cut the cut off music.  It is rude.  These people work their whole lives for this moment, you know?  And require each nominee to come prepared with an outline, but offer the option to scrap it at the last minute for spontaneity.  Sutton Foster gave one of the best speeches.  She was clearly prepared, which got her started and then emotion took over and POW!  A great speech!
  • Gratuitous CBS stars presenting... Marg?  Really?
  • Mark Rylance is brilliant on stage, truly.  But never let him talk when he's won an award.  It was awkward and charming a few years ago.  Now it is just weird.  I actually felt embarrassed as I watched.

  • Three words: NEIL PATRICK HARRIS.  Young, hip, loved by the public at large, adored by the Broadway community.  He can sing, dance, tell jokes without really being mean, and he knows how to help people when they get stuck (right, Brooke?)  And he clearly loves Broadway and the job.  He's worth twice whatever you are paying him.
  • I can't believe I'm saying this, but I liked that there were more than nominees represented, even old shows and yet-to-open shows.  Priscilla, Memphis and Spider-Man all came off very well, I think.
  • The fast pace, and the crammed to the gills with entertainment show,
  • The Beacon Theatre or a Broadway house.  Going back to the smaller space made me realize what I could never put my finger on before.  Even at home Radio City made me feel miles from the action.

  • All of the "Creative Arts Tonys" broadcast/webcast before the big show.  It is like those people don't count as much.  Imagine The Book of Mormon without lights, sound, costumes or sets.  Half the fun...
  • Cut one number and give each play 30 more seconds.  And let them all do like War Horse and The Mother with the Hat.  Classy and interesting.



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  1. It was terrific! I loved the opening number and the closing rap, too.

    Yeah, I would definitely like to see more of the awards on the broadcast. This year, they didn't even have live streaming of the non-televised portion.

    I understand what you mean about the camera angles but there is something exciting about knowing that I'm seeing a live performance - just like theatre itself!

    I would like to see them do a better job presenting the plays. A brief description just doesn't cut it.

    Btw, I met Neil Patrick Harris the day before the last time he hosted the Tony Awards. He was so nice and so generous with his time. I was really impressed!


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