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TheatreScene Chat: An Interview with LINDSAY NICOLE CHAMBERS from LYSISTRATA JONES (Part 2)

Josh Segarra and
Lindsay Nicole Chambers
Tonight, Broadway's newest musical, Lysistrata Jones, opens at the Walter Kerr Theatre.  Before those festivities, and in the midst of previews and late rehearsals, Lindsay Nicole Chambers, who stars as the bookish, bitch library assistant, Robin, took the time to chat with JK's TheatreScene.  What follows is the second part of the interview.  To read Part I, click HERE.

And that's not all, fans of Lyssie J!  Click HERE for Part I of my interview with Josh Segarra, and HERE for Part II.  But, before you go, check out what Lindsay has to say about life backstage and being in a new show by Douglas Carter Beane.

Jeff Kyler: Both times I saw Lysistrata Jones, it struck me just how much fun it looks like all of you are having.  Is it is fun as it looks?  Is it like a frat house backstage, too? 

Lindsay Nicole Chambers: It’s a load of fun.  The cast all gets along so well- we’re like a family.  We have fun and MAKE fun of each other, but we’re really supportive and everyone feels the love.  It’s a well-oiled machine backstage- our crew is awesome.  Total pros.  Having said that, I guess there’s a fair amount of fooling around. Ha.

JK:  Being with a show for the long-haul must have its challenges and rewards.  What is it like to create a character from scratch and play it with different cast members as the show evolves?

LNC:  It’s amazing.  That is all.  To have someone as smart and drop-dead funny as Douglas Carter Beane writing a character ON you is a thrill and an experience I will never forget.

JK:  Not only are you creating a role in a brand new Broadway show, you are doing so in a show written by “it guy” Douglas Carter Beane!  What has it been like to work with him?  Do you find that there is a certain way to approach his works as opposed to others?

LNC:  You just have to say the line.  Doug is such a great writer.  Funny and smart.  He’s hilarious in rehearsal and it’s been the best experience ever.

Give It Up: Lindsay (center) with Patti Murin and Curtis Holbrook
aka Lysistrata Jones in Dallas

JK:  How has Robin changed and remained the same throughout this process?  How much of you is a part of Robin?  Are you two completely different girls?

LNC:  Robin is one of few the characters that hasn’t undergone huge changes.  She’s been more or less militant and snarky in different versions, but the core of my scenes have really been pretty settled since Dallas.  SO much change has gone on around her (with the other characters) so it’s changed how I react and respond and relate to everyone else on stage.  Robin and I are pretty much exactly alike aside from the fact that I don’t do poetry slams and I think people usually know that I’m straight…

JK:  What is your favorite part of Robin’s story?  She goes through probably the biggest change of any of the characters.  

LNC:  I guess what I like about Robin most is how passionate she is and how far she’ll go to get people to be passionate, too.  As a funny girl, I just really, really like that she ends up with the hot guy.

Lysistrata Jones at The Gym at Judson off-Broadway
Lindsay Nicole Chambers ic center

JK:  I have to admit, and I’m not just saying this because we are talking, but both times I’ve seen the show, I found myself following just about everything you do.  I guess I’ve always had a thing for the strong, moody kind of girl.  I think, if people watch you throughout, they might be shocked at how naughty Robin really is.   Is all of that in the script, blocking and choreography?  Did you have any say in how far it could go?

LNC:  We all created it together.  Sometimes Robin can be really naughty and sometimes there is other, more important (can you imagine?) stuff happening on stage.  It’s all set now, but we had fun seeing just how much I could get away with.

JK:  What is your favorite moment for Robin in the show?  

LNC:  There are a bunch of moments in the show when the audience is looking at me like, ‘Did she really just do that?’ Those are my favorite parts.

It's guys vs gals at Lysistrata Jones on Broadway

JK:  If I ever got to see Robin’s dorm room, what would I find there that I’d expect?  What would surprise the hell out of me?


Thank you again for your time!  And I hope you and the entire company find great success with Lysistrata Jones!  


For more information about the show, click HERE.  For a discount on tickets, click HERE.

(Broadway production photos by Joan Marcus; Dallas production photo by B. Thibideaux; Off-Broadway production photo by M. Gottlieb.)

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