Thursday, December 8, 2011

Two Broadway Babies: 1 Brit, 1 Aussie

I love it when Broadway stars make really good headlines.  And if their profile is higher because they also happen to be movie stars, so be it.  Both of these guys, when they are on Broadway, are role models.  They don't just show up to be adored by fans.  They work their asses off.  Both are racking up pretty impressive theatre credits, and both have amazing work ethics - neither has missed a single performance of whatever show they are in.

Daniel Radcliffe, Entertainer of the Year 

He dances like magic, too!

So it probably shouldn't be that much of a surprise that Entertainment Weekly has named Daniel Radcliffe as Entertainer of the Year.  With one of the top-grossing films of the year, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II, which marked the end of the 8 film, multi-billion dollar franchise, Radcliffe is also one of the wealthiest actors in the world.  A lot of people might quit right there, but not this guy!  He looks to the stage to sharpen his skills and add to them.  A few season's ago, he defied expectation taking on the challenging role of mentally unstable boy in Equus.  And this past year, he added singing and dancing to his resume of skills, taking the lead in the smash hit revival of How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying.  Radcliffe will be leaving the show December 31st.  And he isn't going quietly.

Just as he did when starring in Equus, when he literally sold the pants he was wearing for charity, he led the cast of How to Succeed in a major fundraising effort this season for Broadway Cares.  His show raised an amazing $325,935 for this year's Gypsy of the Year contest.

There's nothing like a Broadway star, and here are 3!
Jackman and Radcliffe join legend Bernadette Peters at
The Gypsy of the Year 1011

Hugh Jackman: Fundraiser of the Year

Currently appearing in
Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway

But that was nothing compared to the one-man charity machine, Hugh Jackman.  By literally selling the shirt off his back and offering a wide range of collectibles (signed posters, Playbills and the like) at his show, Hugh Jackman: Back on Broadway, he was able to collect a whopping $857,740 for Broadway Cares.  His total was so impressive the judges of the event gave him a special award, and named How to Succeed Gypsy of the Year/Fundraising.  Billy Elliot won the Gypsy of the Year/Presentation.

Jackman has a track record of giving back to the community that really embraces him every time he shows up.  He set records for BC/EFA events when he starred in The Boy From Oz as well as two seasons ago when he co-starred (with Daniel Craig) in A Steady Rain.

The best news of all?  The Gypsy of the Year competition raised a record $4,895,253!

Needless to say, I hope both of these great guys come back to Broadway SOON!


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