Friday, September 12, 2014

Haven't I Seen This Before? J Lo Channels Fosse

Did any of you catch Fashion Rocks the other night?  I saw maybe six minutes or so, and all of it by pure coincidence.  I was flipping channels, and all of a sudden... there was Jennifer Lopez with a pair of tuxedo-clad, smoking (literally and figuratively) guys! Something about it sure looked familiar...

I'm thinking it's a whole lotta "The Aloof," with a nice touch of "The Heavyweight."  You may know those better as "The Rich Man's Frug" from Sweet Charity as choreographed by one of my heroes, Bob Fosse.

What a nice reminder that Bob and Booty are timeless.  :-)


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  1. Hi JK
    I am a huge J LO fan [in London] and admire her multiple talents - although many don't. Anyway, long story short, when I was watching Fashion Rocks last Tuesday, I thought this is a bit 'Broadway' for Ms. Lopez... but what of it. Then this 'Sweet Charity' thing emerges - and stumbling on your site watch the 1969 video - great copy J LO! As she says... 'Lemme show you how to do it..,' and she knows how to do it. Now ordering Sweet Charity from Amazon. Thanks and hello from London!


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