Thursday, September 4, 2014

TBT: The Last 5 Years

I'll bet that the title of this Throwback Thursday made most (if not all) of you think this was about a certain musical.  It isn't.  Sorry if I disappointed any of you.  But I have a great reason for not talking about it, though.  You see, my blog has been around now for a full five years!  Thank you all so much for joining me and sharing my our love for the theatre.

Here are some cool, interesting facts about our time together, as of August 30th...

  • There have been 1,299,953 hits (and counting)! 
  • There have been 1,650 posts
  • If posts were Broadway performances, JKTS has run longer longer than any Sondheim show, and would rank between The Wiz and Born Yesterday on the longest-running show list!

Jeremy Jordan is the most visited
Broadway Boy - 300K+ hits
Not counting the United States, which has had the most visitors to the blog, the top 10 countries with visitors to this blog come from 6 continents!
In order, they are:

  • The United Kingdom 
  • Germany
  • Canada
  • France (ooh la la!)
  • Australia, (I am intrigued by the last 5...) 
  • Russia, Brazil, China, Ukraine and Egypt

Dame Angela is my favorite topic!

Amy Spanger is the most visited of the whole blog by far...
My first blog was about whether or not Spider-Man would even start
performances.  We all know how that turned out!

Over the last 5 years:

  • I've written 147 show reviews, 79 media reviews
  • We've celebrated 87 Broadway Boys (65 monthly/yearly choices, plus 2 "sports teams," 1 gang and even 2 super heroes)
  • and 56 Broadway Ladies (49 monthly/yearly choices, plus one entire chorus line of leggy beauties!)

I've written the most blogs about: (Shows) Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark, Next to Normal, and American Idiot, and (Individual) Dame Angela Lansbury (I love her...)

And the most read blog of them all - thank you, Reefer Madness fans - Ms. Broadway November 2010 - Amy Spanger (HERE)

Here's to many more blogs in our future, and to lifetimes full of thrilling shows!


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