Wednesday, February 7, 2018

2017-2018 Broadway Playlist: The Band's Visit

Got an email from a reader shortly after I posted yesterday's #MyBroadwayThing, extolling the virtues of creating playlists digitally instead of gathering hundreds of CDs. I ALWAYS appreciate your input, readers, and this one is probably right.  Of course, those of us who like it old school remember greatest hits records (Broadway Magic was the Great White Way version of those awesome K-Tel records) and diligently creating mix tapes.  So, I totally get it.  Then the idea came to me - let's (you and I) "create" a playlist of all the cast recordings and song lists (if there a show doesn't make a cast recording, Heaven forbid!) from this season.

So, this week's poll asks you to select your three favorite songs from the critically acclaimed The Band's Visit with a score by the amazing David Yazbek!  All you have to do is pick up to three songs from the list below (CLICK THE CIRCLE TO THE LEFT OF "ADD".  You don't have to mark any of the others).  The song with the most votes makes The 2018 Broadway Playlist! Easy!

Just make sure you click "Submit Survey" when you are finished!!

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