Tuesday, February 20, 2018

LOGOS: Escape to Margaritaville

Another element of my blog that I'm happy to relaunch is my series that looks at different show logos.  Longtime readers know that I love the art of Broadway logos nearly as much as I love the shows they are representing, and I am always interested in how logo works as an advertising and merchandising tool. The marriage of art and commerce is fascinating.

A new musical began previews at the Marquis Theatre last week - Escape to Margaritaville - and that's the first logo I'll be looking at.


As presented, this is the perfect antidote to a cold, icy winter, as well as a welcome respite any time of year for the tired, overworked professional, anything that evokes the tropical, laid back ways of a tropical retreat, and it certainly works to promote a show with "margarita" in the title.  In other words, it would work any time of the year for pretty much any tri-state local or out of town tourist.  And the colorful title, in a beautiful blend of sunset hues, in a font that evokes old Key West, succeeds in every way.  Add to it, the clear blue ocean color of the confident tag lines, and this one's a real winner.  It lets us know, all by itself, that we are in for not only a tropical, relaxing musical, but a lifestyle change!  Clever, confident and totally cool! 


No matter which way the logo is presented (though I prefer it horizontal - like I'm seeing it while laying on a hammock hanging between two palms) the artwork is as lovely and well thought out as the title. The guitar - musical, simple, and again, laid back.  The image in the shape - a tropical scene of sun drenched beaches, leaning palms, the clear water and gentle waves, a distant sail boat floating carefree on the waves. Perfection in one all-encompassing picture.  It works on every level.  You can get what its all about in a quick glance, but it draws you in easily, and (as it happened to me while writing this blog entry) you find yourself drifting into the scene, imagining yourself in the picture. 

It makes me want to see this show. And that's a big thing because I am not a Jimmy Buffet fan. I have nothing against him, mind you.  His is just not the kind of music I am drawn to.  I think it is interesting that the tagline isn't something like "The Jimmy Buffet Musical" and that there's no mention (or a picture) of a parrot or Parrotheads. Fans know it is his by the word "Margaritaville," title of one of his biggest hits.  

I think it is wise not to have put him in the title for a couple reasons. First, this is a jukebox musical with an original, fictional story, not a bio-musical like Beautiful or the Marquis Theatre's last tenant, On Your Feet! Second, the tropical angle is an easy sell for all the reasons I mentioned above, but not everyone is a Buffet fan. And it gives his real fans a sense of being "in' on the whole thing - because they "get it."  

This one is so terrific, I may buy a showcard whether I see the show or not!

Logo Grade: A+

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