Monday, August 10, 2020

1980s Broadway Musical Logos Madness! Round 2 Region AB

We are obsessed with show logos and window cards! We just LOVE them. So we thought it'd be fun to have a show logo tournament, you know, like March Madness. We poured over the archives and decided to start with a 64 show bracket of musicals from the 1980s. Over the past four weeks, you really responded, and the complete Round 1 results are below:

The original 64 team roster has been narrowed down to 32 remaining teams. Now, your job will be to reduce them to a Sweet 16. Up first: Region AB (Group A and B). Full sized versions of each show logo/window card appear below. Scroll down to start the poll. Thanks for playing!


1980s Broadway Musical Logo Madness!
Round 2 Region AB

  • Each week, we'll open the voting for a different segment of the bracket, and you will select your favorite from each pairing.
  • Your selection should be based on the logo/window card ONLY. We are NOT looking for your favorite show! And it's possible to like a logo from a show you've never heard of before!
  • You may vote every week!
  • We will provide pictures of the full window card (in most cases) above each week's round, then you scroll down and make your selections. You MUST click/tap the "Click Me to Count Your VOTES" button at the bottom of the survey.

Here we go! May the best logo win! The actual poll appears after the full sized samples!

GAME 1:                                                                    GAME 2:

GAME 3:                                                                    GAME 4:

GAME 5:                                                                    GAME 6:

GAME 7:                                                                    GAME 8:

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