Friday, August 28, 2020

Broadway Games: More Trivial Pursuit: Broadway Edition

A few weeks ago, we tried out some Trivial Pursuit: Broadway Edition. The feedback was awesome, and we got several requests to play some more. Your wish is our command! Enjoy!

How many wedges can you earn from the "cards" below? (Without looking up the answers, of course!) As with the original game, the categories are: geographyentertainmenthistoryarts and literaturescience and natureand sports and leisure.

Good luck!

Broadway Games:
More Trivial Pursuit

GWhich Broadway house is closest to the Hudson River?
EWhat 1972 musical famously created the first television commercial for a Broadway Show?
HSix refers to what group of women?
ALThe opera Madame Butterfly serves as the basis for what musical?
SNWhat experiment is Dr. Jekyll working on in Jekyll and Hyde?
SLThe play Take Me Out centers around what (to date) fictional issue in baseball?

GOn what continent does Priscilla Queen of the Desert take place?
EWhat musical phenomenon appeared on the October 11, 1982 cover of Newsweek?
HWho was the U.K. Prime Minister during the events depicted in Billy Elliot: The Musical?
ALWhat Shakespearean tragedy is, at least in part, the basis of The Lion King?
SNFrom what physical manifestation of a psychological trauma does Tommy, the pinball wizard suffer?
SLWhat sport do Lysistrata Jones, The Full Monty and Promises, Promises have in common?

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Answers to Last Week's Game!

1. Show: Rent
    Song: "La Vie Boheme"
    Characters: Mark Cohen and Company

2. Show: Mean Girls
    Song: "Watch the World Burn"
    Characters: Regina George and Ensemble

3. Show: Kiss of the Spider Woman
    Song: "Where You Are"
    Characters: Aurora and the Prisoners

4. Show: Into the Woods
    Song: "It Takes Two"
    Characters: The Baker and the Baker's Wife

5. Show: Hello, Dolly!
    Song: "Dancing"
    Characters: Dolly Levi, Irene Molloy, Minnie Fay, Cornelius Hackl and Barnaby Tucker

6. Show: Hamilton
    Song: "Satisfied"
    Characters: Angelica Schuyler and Company

7. Show: A Chorus Line
    Song: "The Music and the Mirror"
    Character: Cassie

8. Show: Bye Bye Birdie
    Song: "The Telephone Hour"
    Characters: The Teenagers

9. Show: Beetlejuice
    Song: "The Whole 'Being Dead' Thing"
    Characters: Beetlejuice and Company

10. Show: The Band's Visit
      Song: "Answer Me"
      Characters: Telephone Guy and Company

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